FAQ for Safarion

What is superSAVER ?

This is a no-frills product which includes basic needs and avoids luxuries in order to give you a highly competitive pricing. For example, the basic price may be based on accommodation in Motels, Hostels or Backpacker inns with shared bathrooms and/or dormitories. We always ensure that our accommodation providers are safe, reliable, clean and provide value for money.


Will it suit me/us ?

superSAVER is meant for our tourist friends who are looking for highly competitive pricing and thus not expecting extreme levels of comfort or luxury. If you are okay to climb one or two fleet of stairs, stay in a 5 or 6 bunk shared room (as an example only). What drives you would be the passion and dynamism to go and explore places.



I would rather prefer a private attached room. Is that possible with superSAVER ?

Yes, you may upgrade to budget rooms or star hotels during the booking process and our consultant will advise you on the cost additions.