FAQ for Safarion

What is flexiGO ?

This is a unique touring concept you can utilize to visit destinations on your own with complete backing and assistance from SAFARION. We hand deliver all attraction tickets, transport card, SIM card (flexiGO superSAVER Kit) etc. and book hotels to suit your choice.  A ‘Guru’ will be assigned to your tour team, who will meet you in person upon arrival at Airport and guide you further. Flights, Visa bookings and other Value Added Services at competitive rates can also be provided on request. Sounds interesting? Click on one of our signature  flexiGO SINGAPORE packages under 'TOURS' section


Will it suit me/us ?

flexiGO is designed to suit anyone who is willing to explore the destination using public transport. This means a little bit of walking and indulging into main stream life. Anyone ranging from students, young groups, couples, middle-aged can fit in.

If you strongly dislike walking and prefer the comfort of a private vehicle to take you at the doorstep of each attraction, flexiGO superSAVER is not your cup of tea.  It may also be inconvenient for elderly, infants or young kids, disabled etc. but may still work out depending on how confident you are as a team.


How does flexiGO superSAVER - SG work?

The process is simple and straight forward.

  • Visit our booking page to submit your tour plan information plus any add-on services you wish for.
  • We will respond to your request via email, with all details, terms and conditions etc. and give you specific advise to suit the age, type and size of your team.
  • Upon payment of advance, you will be given a brief phone/online briefing on the tour program.
  • Hotel booking confirmations will be emailed to you prior departure.
  • About one day before departure, one of our ‘SG-Guru’s’ will contact you on your preferred mobile chat application. (Eg: WhatsApp/Skype/WeChat/QQ)
  • Upon landing at Singapore, our SG-Guru receives you, hands over the Kit with all tickets, transport cards etc. that you booked and escorts you to your hotel.
  • During the trip to your hotel, our SG-Guru will demonstrate how to use the Singapore Metro and Bus system, as well as how to reach each of your booked attraction and get the best out of them. 

That’s it! You are ready to indulge in Singapore – no one is bossing you around anymore!!


How safe and reliable is Public Transport in Singapore?

Singapore is one of World’s safest and cleanest Cities, and greets you with the World’s most efficient, robust and user-friendly Public Transport network that consists of Metro trains, Low floor Buses, Light rail etc. 

It is also arguably the most wheel-chair/stroller/pram- friendly transport system available anywhere on Earth.


What if I/we get lost?

It is in fact difficult to get lost in Singapore so long as you/your party can speak and read any one among English, Tamil, Malay or Chinese. Tourist attractions are very well designed to be easily accessed and explored.

If you still manage to get hopelessly lost, just get into a Taxi and ask the driver to drop you at your hotel (We will give you a hotel address card upon arrival)


What makes flexiGO superSAVER-SG a better choice than visiting Singapore myself / ourselves?

With us, you get the following benefits:

-    Save all those hours, days and weeks of research on internet to find the best hotels, attractions, tickets etc.

-    Skip the ques at ticket counters, benefit from our special package ticket pricing which may be up to 30% cheaper.

-    Gain from our expertise and thorough knowledge on how to get the best out of your time in Singapore.

-    Spend even lesser money than you would by doing everything yourself!


What makes flexiGO superSAVER different from regular packages ?



flexiGO superSAVER

Includes private transport (Bus/Van/Car) to some or all points in the confirmed itinerary. Experienced Tour guides may accompany the tour party.

You tour on your own using public transport (Metro, Light Rail, Low floor Bus etc.) based on guidance from SAFARION. This budget friendly option also gives flexibility.

The route, schedule and timing is fixed. You have no choice but to follow the tour boss.

You are the tour boss. You decide when to go where, how much time to spend in each location etc.  SAFARION will brief you on how to make the best out of your opted list.

Some regular packages may exclude tickets. You will then have to que up at counters and buy tickets at retail rate. Hotels are mostly  pre-arranged.

SAFARION hand delivers all tickets to you at best possible rates. You don’t have to waste time queuing up at ticket counters. You can book hotels with us or choose your own.

You don’t get to explore or experience the real City State of Singapore which exists outside the boundaries of attraction spots.

You get to appreciate the life, cultural diversity, amazing discipline and cleanliness of Singapore, both inside and outside attraction spots.

You can relax completely and just follow the tour guide

You need to lead and stay alert.  With SAFARION's expert briefing, this shouldn’t be a problem



What all costs are not included in this deal ?

Following are not included:

-    All meals other than daily breakfast

-    Tickets / Entry pass which are not mentioned in the deal

-    Any travel costs in excess of the what is planned in the package. (Eg: Shopping trips)

Please also refer to Inclusions and Exclusions of the specific package you are interested in.