About Us

We are a team of travel lovers having explored India and Overseas to an enormous extend in the past decades. In this long process, we felt for ourselves what could be done better in the hospitality sector, which would make a great difference to value conscious visitors and tourists from near and far.

SAFARION is an outcome of that urge to improvise that came with accumulated experience. At SAFARION, we endeavor to offer our guests all that we wished for in our own wanderings across the Globe – and much more!

Our Strengths

  • Clear understanding of travel and touring needs of Indians and Foreigners with special focus to families and individuals looking at hassle free, safe and ethically sound tour packages
  • Hands on experience in operating Hotel properties in Kerala. We focus on offering warm, friendly service at competitive rates so that you are at your leisure to indulge in the purpose of your trip.
  • Hand-picked drivers who are well-aligned with our mottos and can thus make a great difference in the travel experience.
  • Sound experience conducting budget friendly outbound guided tours to East Asian destinations such as China, Malaysia, Singapore etc. with focus on culture and heritage

Our Vision

SAFARION envisions building bridges of harmony across differences and distances, through a robust touring service that thinks Value, delivers Quality and fosters Trust.

Our Mission

SAFARION shall endeavor to

  • Provide safe, reliable and friendly touring, lodging and travel services for inbound visitors to Kerala through hand-picked staff, alliances and logistics.
  • Provide unique outbound touring services to overseas destinations at affordable rates, through time-tested packages that ensure complete comfort and offer deep insights designed to leave lifelong imprints.
  • Continually explore and build a hospitality and travel domain which promotes and caters to customers who look forward to ethically sound products and services that keep clear of alcohol, sexually inclined entertainments, gambling etc.